Electric Bikes in Tauranga

Electric bikes make for an excellent mode of transportation for all kinds of different people. With every day they are growing in popularity due to their high level of economic value. There are many different options and times of the year and even day where you can take advantage of owning an electric bike in Tauranga. Since Tauranga is known as the most populous city in the Bay of Plenty region with a population of 122,200, it’s important to have a quick way to get around heavily traffic areas. You can use it for business rides to work, as a way to get to and from classes if you’re a student and even for an opportunity to see the beautiful city of Tauranga.

Electric bikes can also make for a great riding experience. Since Tauranga has many great parks like the Memorial park, Yatton Park, Kulim Park and the big Tauranga Domain, you can have a quick way to travel through them and see much of the great scenery that they provide. Electric bikes come with many awesome features that make them wonderful to travel with. They use an electric motor combined with a battery that can allow the bike to reach speeds of up to 32 km/h. Decided by your driving style, you have the ability to go distances of up to 85 kilometers, which for a nice bike with a motor, is very impressive. The amount of time it takes to charge bikes can vary and may take anywhere from 5 to 8 hours of total time.

Volto makes different types of electric bicycles:

Step through electric bikes
Fold-up electric bikes
Sports electric bikes
City electric bikes

A step-through bikes are very nice bikes to have, you are given the option to make the bike pedal optional and easier to ride. The pedaling gives you a great exercise whenever you feel like you need it, and you simply use the motor to assist you whenever you need it. You can also use the motor full time. Fold up electric bikes are great bikes to have if you ever need to transport your bike from one place to another. Sports electric bicycle is the best bikes if you need a lot of power and speed. City electric bikes make for great transportation vehicles to commute with.

Here’s a few more reasons why you should buy an electric bike:

  • Save a bunch of money with transportation costs.
  • Get healthier by pedaling when you feel like it.
  • Be environmental friendly, no pollution!

Stay safe by going a safe speed always.